Electricity is a good servant but a bad master. Modern day usage of electricity is evident in all the spheres of life. Equipment, gadgets and machinery run by electricity are expensive and need a protective E-FAB ..... Conforming to IS/IET 60898-2002 E-FAB MCBs are designed to provide protection to all type of electrical installations for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

When the current fl owing through a thermal element is greater than the rated current, the bimetal defl ects to trip the MCB, thus providing protection against overload currents. When suddenly the line current erupts to many times the rated current, the magnetic element trips the E-FAB “MCB” instantaneously, thus providing protection against short circuit current upto 10000 Amperes (10 KA).In India, in industrial as well as domestic applications, voltage almost never reaches the desired 240V/415V level because of perennial power shortage against demand of power guzzling industry/ domestic appliances and mostly remains around or below 210 V/ 390-400V. Therefore, E-FAB “MCB” has been specially designed to operate at dual voltages of 230 V/400 V. Internationally, also, according to IEC 898, the network voltage of 230/400 volts has been standardized. This value, 230/400 Volts is to progressively supersede the values of 220/380 Volts and 240/415 Volts. In any case, relevant short circuit tests are carried our at 230+5% / 400+5% i.e. 241/420 V power frequency recovery voltage

MCB Breaking Capacity
10000 A, 230/400 V, 50 Hz

Available in SP, SPN, DP, TP, TPN, FP – 6 to 63 A, Isolators DP, TP, FP – 40, 63 & 100 A

The housing and cover of E-FAB MCB’s are injection moulded from special grade glass filled fire retardant polyester conforming to international standards. The contacts are designed to ensure very high conductivity/ low contact resistance, thereby resulting in low voltage drop and hence very low power consumption and temperature rise. The power loss per pole, calculated on the terminals is at least 30% less than the permissible power loss vide IS Ec 60898-200. Such low watt loss per pole helps to save a lot of power in bigger panels and electrical installations.

E-FAB MCBs are compact in size and uniform in dimensions covering the entire “B” Series and “C” Series from 6A to 63A. The MCBs are factory calibrated and tested for 4,000 mechanical and electrical operations to ensure long term consistent operations and reliability at the user’s location.

E-FAB MCBs are easily installable on DIN rails of Distribution Boards by simply snapping on. They are equally easily removable with the help of a screw driver. A 25 sq.mm. box type terminal is provided both at incoming and outgoing terminals to accommodate incoming/ outgoing wires ranging from 1 sq.mm. to 16 sq.mm.


Specifications : Conforms to IS/IEC 60898-2002
Couplings : SP, SP+N, DP, TP, TP+N & FP (1, 1+N,2,3,3+N AND 4)
Ratings : 6,10,16,20,25,32,40 and 63 A,
Rated Voltage and frequency : MCB – 230/400 V, 50 Hz
Short circuit breaking capacity : MCB – 10000 A
Reliability : Suitable for 20000/10000 mechanical/electrical operations.
Housing and Cover : Fire retardant, Glass fi lled reinforced polyester/Nylon with high dielectric strength for shock protection. Type of terminal : MCB – 25 sq.mm. box type incoming & outgoing terminals

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